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Blaenavon from Mynydd Garn Clochdy

There is a serious need to be aware of the safety issues involved when it comes to venturing onto mountains and upland areas. Many people do not realise or appreciate the dangers associated with these habitats. The obvious hazards are the rapidly changing weather and losing ones bearings. You cannot rely on mobile phones for communication! Inadequate or insufficient equipment is also a key factor in people's misadventure.The choice of clothing, footwear and rucksack to the type of food and drink you take can all help to make your trip an enjoyable one. Modern fabrics are lightweight, wind proof and breathable can be purchased without the need for expense. Footwear that fits correctly and gives the right level of ankle and foot bed support is essential. A well made and correctly fitting rucksack is a sound investment as this carries all your other pieces of kit, including food.Food and drink are very important and need special consideration. You can take a hot drink or a cold one but not fizzy ones. Look for high energy foods e.g. nuts, pulses, dried fruit or chocolate are good examples. Always take a little more than you need, just in case.Spare clothing is always a wise precaution should you get cold or wet. A first aid kit and survival blanket should always be carried by one of the group. these things you may never need but a wise person will carry them anyway.As a final safety measure always leave details of your walk with a reliable friend or relative. estimate your return time and contact them when you get back. Agree on a time gap before they call for help.